Yes. For more details, please refer to our “Visa” page under “Travellers Resources”.

Please note that we can only apply visa for Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans who are Permanent Residents (PR) or holding Employment Permit (EP) and Work Permit (WP) in Singapore.

There will be a handling fee of SGD25.00 in addition to any visa application fees charge by the respective embassy. For more details on the application fees, please refer to our “Visa” page under “Travellers Resources”.

Visa fees are subject to changes without prior notice.

Travel Inc will collect the necessary documents from you for your visa application during office hours (0900hrs -1800hrs). Please ensure all documents are in-order prior to our collection. Application will only be process on the next business day after collection. In the event of submission of insufficient documents, your application will either be delayed or rejected.

A charge of SGD15.00 will incur for a 2nd collection and re-submission in additional to the handling fee of SGD25.00.

A charge of SGD15.00 per trip will incur for collection between 1900hrs - 2000hrs in additional to the handling fee of SGD25.00.

Please note that in no case your travel period can exceed the validity of your visa. You must be holding a passport with at least 6-months validity before entering most countries, however different countries have their own requirements which may also be subject to change from time to time. We recommend you to travel with a passport validity of at least 12-months.