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White sandy beaches, clear blue water, beautiful fishes and corals. And the best part –they are so near to us.

Went Redang last March and stayed at Laguna Resort with a large group of my friends.

Laguna is a nice and peaceful place to stay in although I don’t really like their makan system. For every meal we went, we will need to produce meal vouchers and can’t enter if we are in swimming attire. Not sure are other resorts using the same meal vouchers system though. We find it very inconvenient especially when we are back from our beach activities. Will need to go back to the rooms to take the voucher and change to proper attire. So troublesome.

The activities in Redang are mainly snorkeling and diving. The agency we went to provided us with 3 snorkeling trips. However, we don’t really enjoy our 1st snorkeling trip. Due to weekend and PH, we can only see legs of the swimmers and notice a lot of dead corals. *sob*

The 2nd trip at the Marine Park was better. We managed to see different kinds of fishes. I love the 3rd trip best. The boat brought us further out to the deep sea. There we got to see more fishes even Nemo! The corals were very beautiful also. Now this is what I consider paradise!!

In Redang, if you don’t fancy any snorkeling or diving trip but still like to see the fishes, you can stroll along the beaches with a bag of bread and when the bread were thrown into the sea, fishes will swarm in. My friends and I went strolling along the beach and even get to see a pack of baby domestic sharks at the beach near Laguna Resort! Wow!!!

I called the people working in Redang ‘Marine protectors’. They really take care of everything in the sea. They will watch over the corals, make sure that nobody is stepping or touching them. Some corals are actually poisonous. If not you will see them busily keeping an eye on both the tourists and fishes making sure that the tourists are ok and no one try to catch or harm the fishes. Although the Marine protectors are not well versed in English, they will still try their very best to understand us and let us enjoy our snorkeling trips. Some of them will dive in to bring sea creatures like sea cucumbers up for us to touch or have a closer look. Underwater is truly an amazing place to explore. Hopefully I will be able to make time to learn diving and go back Redang as a diver soon.

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