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99p Store

Huge varied range of items. I think the best bargains can be had on seasonal items like christmas/halloween decorations. You can pick up some real bargains on these. Generally you get what you pay for and a lot of the items are just cheap replicas. Great for school stationary, pens sets, notebooks. Be careful though as some items (ie clothing) don’t have the fire retardent labels on them. Cleaning products are normally a good bargain as you can pick up 2 for 1 deals. They have now started doing a range of cards (birthday etc) which are reasonably priced and not bad quality. One thing that hits you when you walk into the store is the packs of batteries. These are great for the kids toys at christmas. 8 x panasonic batteries for 99p! (Claudia B)

Romford, London 38-42 Market Place, Town Centre, London RM1 3ER

  • London, England
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Art Spa Hotel

A hot spring hotel in Jiao Xi which is about 40 min drives from Taipei. Jiao Xi is one of the areas which consist of a lot of hot spring hotels/resorts. Art Spa Hotel like most hotels/resorts has individual hot spring facilities in the hotel rooms. Beside all these, it also has a hot spring water world for all its guests to enjoy. There are a total of 56 kinds of Hi-Tech Hydrotherapy Spa Equipments including cold spring pool, mud pool, Chinese Cypress Pool, high temperature spring bath. For more adventurous people, you can try the high altitude rotational water slide up to a height of fifth storey. There are also exclusive slides and manual squirt guns for the children to enjoy. For guests who do not intend to stay at Art Spa Hotel, you can enjoy all these facilities at a fee of NT250 per person. (Amelia, Sales Manager)

No. 6, Deyang Rd, Jiao-Si Township, Yilan County, Taiwan

  • Taipei, Taiwan
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This supermarket on the outskirts of Paris is a gourmet shopper’s paradise. The assortment is huge and prices are good. Auchan is easily reachable by metro; just take line No. 3 to Gallieni and there it is, just around the corner. (Matilda, Cabin Crew)

CC Les 4 Temps Le Parvis, La Défense

  • Paris, France
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Intermix offers the trendiest designer clothing at affordable prices. Got a brand new Kate Spade bag for US$100. It's worth the splurge for such great savings! (Helena R)

125 Fifth Avenue (between 19th & 20th Streets)

  • New York City, USA
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Ken's Pearl

Looking for pearls? Then check out Ken's Pearl, on the 4th floor of the Pearl Market, for great low price deals on pearls without the hassle of bartering. (Pauline, Marketing Executive)

Shop No. 4106, $th floor, Pearl Market
+86 10 6717 9322

  • Beijing, China
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Ninh Khuong Embroidery

In Ho Chi Minh City there is a wonderful shop called, Ninh Khuong Embroidery. I came across it by accident because it's across the street from my tailor, Nam Silk on De Tham Street. I later found other branches at 83 Dong Khoi and 34 Le Loi Street. They sell the most attractive smocked and embroidered cotton party dresses for little girls (about $S25).They also have outfits for babies and boys plus a lovely selection of the softest cotton nightgowns, sleep shirts and linens. (Cate, Purchaser)

220 De Tham Street, District 1

  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Good store for saving money, after all every penny helps! This is quite a large store located in the Selbourne walk shopping centre in Walthamstow and it has some pretty good offers. I always stop in this store before doing my weekly supermarket shop to see if there’s any bargains I can pick up before I buy my groceries. This store sells a lot of toiletries, kid’s toys, cereal and food at bargain prices. I definitely recommend popping in. (Pia Carlens J)

The Mall Selborne Walk, Walthamstow, London E17 7JR

  • London, England
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Xiang Yang Market

For cheap, cheap, cheap shopping you must visit the Xiang Yang Market located between Xiang Yang Rd and the Shan Xi North Rd. Expect to find clothes, purses, table runners and mats, sweaters, jackets, watches, pashminas, and lots of small items. While the items might say Rolex, North Face and Nike, you are generally not getting the real thing but seconds, knock-offs or imitations. This is the place to bargain. Always offer half of what you have been quoted. If you're a good bargainer, you can get it for a third. Always check merchandise (even if it's wrapped in plastic) for sizing and quality before you leave the stall. Never buy anything from touts outside the market. Prices are too high. (Jane, Frequent Traveller)

  • Shanghai, China
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